Practicing in the area of Workers’ Compensation requires familiarity with the Workers’ Compensation statute, corresponding regulations, Appellate Division and Court of Appeals case law, and Administrative Board Panel Decisions along with the guidance, publications, and other documents from the Workers’ Compensation Board – including subject numbers, treatment guidelines, impairment guidelines, FAQs, etc.  We recognize that our young and new members may be struggling to learn all of this information and likely feel confused navigating the day to day demands of this practice. 

From this background, the IWBA has created a Young Attorney Section to encourage involvement and education opportunities for our members.  The Young Attorney Section of the IWBA is open to all members that have been admitted for less than 10 years or who have been practicing in the area of Workers’ Compensation Law for less than ten years.

The Young Attorney Section will meet quarterly via zoom.  Each meeting will include an educational session followed by a Q&A session with an experienced attorney. This will be a “no such thing as a dumb question” environment and participation in the dialogue is encouraged.  It will also be an opportunity to get to know colleagues across the state and to become more involved in the IWBA.

New and existing members looking to join the Young Attorney Section should register by clicking the button below.  You must be logged into your IWBA Member Profile to register.  

Experienced practitioners willing to participate should email [email protected] – Emily Janicz.

Young Attorney Section Registration