IWBA Speaker and Topic Bureau

About the IWBA Speaker and Topic Bureau

The IWBA Speaker and Topic Bureau is a vehicle to enlist speakers and topics for our IWBA Continuing Legal Education (CLE) events that would be of interest to our member legal professionals. 

We are looking for speakers from the legal community, whether from private firms, civic organizations or from public agencies. These speakers may be people who have had professional experience related to the IWBA's mission of representing the injured worker, or they may be professionals who are particularly educated or knowledgeable about the legal process, state regulations or legislation.  Each year, IWBA speakers provide presentations to hundreds of attorneys who specialize in defending the injured workers' rights in New York State.

The IWBA Speaker and Topic Bureau is a free service as a part of our public communication and outreach programs.

We are looking to identify topics that will be of interest to our members, as well as presenters to provide training.  If you would like to submit a request to be a presenter, or want to request a speaker or topic that is pertinent to your practice, please let us know!

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